20 December 2010

Tomica Regular 81-120 Catalog

Here is Tomica Catalog for model number 81 - 120. Click on the picture to enlarge. You can visit this catalog at takara tomy website, or you can download pdf version from my 4shared. This catalog based on Tomica reguler issued until December 2010. Lets collect them all..

16 December 2010

Plarail Single Train Series Catalog

Hallo plarail lovers, now I bring to you Catalog Plarail for Single Train. Just click to the picture so you can get a large picture. Or you can download a PDF format from my 4shared account here. Plarail single train is Locomotive or Cars. You can make your own Train set just pick up Locomotive and some Cars. You can also extends your train set by adding more cars into your existing train set.

15 December 2010

Tomica Regular 41-80 Catalog

It`s time for Tomica. Here is Tomica Regular 41-80 Catalog. There are 40 models. Chect this screen shoot out.. You can view this catalog from Takara Tomy Official website. Or you can download pdf format from my 4shere account. Oh, this catalag based on product that is issued until December 2010.

14 December 2010

Plarail Shinkansen Train Series Catalog

Here is Plarail Catalog of Shinkansen Train Series. There are thirteen shinkansen trains. Click on the picture to enlarge. Or you can download pdf version that I made in 4sherd. Or just go to Takara Tomy official website. A lot of features that you can find in this items are Light, Hoock, and two speed. And Finally, Welcome to plarail world....

Tomica Regular 1-40 Catalog

For you tomica lovers, here is Tomica Regular Catalog. This catalog contains fourty models of tomica regular until December 2010. you can see the screen shout here. There are stock car, MPV, SUV and Fire Engine. Here they are :

13 December 2010

Plarail Train Series Catalog

In this post, I will give you a catalog of Plarail Train Series. This catalog is about all Train series that issued until December 2010. There are more thane 60 trains in Takara Tomy Catalog. You can find many types of train. Electrical Train, Diesel Train, and Steam Train. (Including the prize)
You can download a pdf version of this catalog that I made here in 4shared.com. Or you can visit Takara Tomy official website here.
Here is some screen shoot:

12 December 2010

Hunting Plarail in Bandung

Last night, my wife and I went to Istana Plaza at Jl Padjajaran Bandung, Indonesia. I searched Plarail products. After searching for a few minute, finally I found them. The fisrt shop that I found is "Kidz Station" on First Floor. In that shop, there was many Plarail. There ware Plarail Set and Plarail Train. And also the ware Rails and Single Car. For the prise, its about 200.000-250.000 IDR for Plarail Train. For Plarail Set, its about 300.000 - 400.000 IDR. For Rail Set about 150.000-200.000IDR. and for Single Train, 40.000IDR.
After that, i went to Thrid floor. There was "Multi Toys" shop. Unfortunatly, There was one Plarail Set. And its prise is about 399.000IDR.
This is some Plarail that I found in Kidz Station.

11 December 2010

The First..

For the first time, i write this post. I make this blog just for share my hobby and my interest. I`m a web programmer. I live with my wife. Together we live in Bandung, Indonesia.
Just play your hobby..