21 February 2011

Plarail Newest Product February 2011

In February 2011, Takara Tomy release brant new Plarail product. They are from Thomas and Friends Collection. You can see the information here.

Plarail Newest Product January 2011

I got some news from here, There are eleven new Plarail products that issued in January 2011. One of the is a car that can carry a Tomica Cars. There are locomotive and cars. You can make your own Train set or extend your existing train set. Here is some pictures. Just simply click it to enlarge.

Catalog Tomica Regular 1-40 February 2011

Since Takara Tomy has issued new model in January and February, Catalog Tomica Regular 1-40 has change. You can see new Catalog Tomica Regular 1-40 here below. For best view, just click on the image, then you will got a larger image. Enjoy..

17 February 2011

Tomica Newest Product February 2011

In February there are two new models from Tomica Regular. They are No 7 Subaru Impreza WRX STI 4 Door and No 38 Mobile Rescue Vehicle. Here are their pictures

09 February 2011

Tomica Catalog Domestic and Foreign Cars

I got this poster.. Tomica Catalog for Domestic and Foreign Car. Unfortunatly, I don't get the listname...

Tomica and Plarail Catalog Video 2010

These are three videos from Youtube about Tomica and Plarail that has been issued in 2010. Enjoy..

Ini ada video tentang Semua produk Tomica dan Plarail yang dikeluarkan pada tahun 2010. Silahkan buffer disini, ato langsung saja ke Youtube..


02 February 2011

Plarail Accessories and Decoration Catalog

Do you want to make your track more relalistic? You must have this items. Takara tomy issue alot decoration for Plarail. Tunnel, bridge, train crossing, Turn Table, Signal and Station. Pdf version available in my Ziddu Account. Here they go...

Plarail Rail Set Catalog

There are many kind of rail ant track in Plarail. Now, I will give you Plarail Rail Set Catalog. There is stright rail, curve rail, automatic cut poin, v-poin, turn table, loop rail, end rail, wave rail and intersaction rail. You can view the catalog ini plarail official web, or download pdf version from my ziddu account.
Click on picture to enlarge it.

Plarail Line Up Set Series Catalog

I want give you a Plarail Set Series Catalog. This set contains Train Set and its rail. There is some set that can be joining with Tomica Town. You can download a pdf version in my ziddu account
Here are the pictures.

01 February 2011

Tomica Newest Product January 2011

This is the time that all Tomica collectors waited. The day where new tomica product release. There are two new Tomica Regular Product. They are No. 23. Mitsubishi RVR and No. 30 Dinosaur Guided Vehicle. Mitsubishi comes with blue color and Dinosaur Vehicle comes with white color.