04 July 2011

Tomica Newest Product April 2011

In April 2011, Takara Tomy has release Two models for regular model. The first model is No 16 Suzuki Swift. This is a new model from Suzuki Swift. There are two feature in this model. First it has suspension and second its rear door can be open. The second model is No 75 Ouroboros Tsunagudezain  . This is a three-wheels bike. This is the first that Tomica release this kind of model.

In this month, Takara Tomy was release a group of four car model named "Biology leverage".The are Toyota Prius Patrol Car Patrol Car , Toyota Hiace Command Vehicle, Toyota Prius Highway Patrol and Mitsubishi MiEV Patrol Car. These cars have abiliti to turn on the light when you move forward or backward. It needs batery.

 Tomica Hyper Rescue and Tomica Town Rotating Parking. And also Set of street with pedestrian bridge crossing.

Tomica Limited Nissan Fairlady Z 432 with brown color and black rims.

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