13 July 2011

Tomica Newest Product May 2011

In 21st May, Takara Tomy has issued two new model for Tomica Regular. First is No 24 Kawasaki BK117C Helicopter. This is bacome the first Helicopter in Tomica Reguler Catalog. This Heli come with blue-with color and rotor rotation feature. In real world, this heli is used for transportation and emergency supplies.
The second model is No 57 Isuzu Truck Eneos. This model is kind of Lory Tank. Come with with color and suspension feature.
No 24. Kawasaki BK117C

No 57-Isuzu ENEOS Truck

For Tomica Limited, there is TL131 Toyota Celica XX 2800GT. With with color and suspension+door openable feature. This car is produce by Toyota in 1980 in coupe edition.

For Tomica Play Set, there are six car and four Priakizzu (human model). For the cars, they are Nissan Skyline, Honda CR-Z, Honda Fit, Suzuki Swift, Honda Airware and Mazda Demio.

For you Tomica Town lovers. This month, Takara Tomy released three models. First Auto Shuter Garage. This model allow you to store one car inside. And when you press release button, the car will pop-out from the garage.
The second model is Speed Checker or you can also call a Dyno Test. This model use battery.
 The third model is Crane. This have some cool feature. The ball will be lift up to with a crane ane than it will move down to your cars. You can you a constructure car model such a dump truck or mining truck.

Thats all for May, dont forget to catch them all on 21st May.

all image taken from www.takaratomy.co.jp

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