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Plarail (プラレール Purarēru?) is a toy train and track system made by Tomy and introduced in Japan in 1959.[1] It was expanded into an battery-operated electric toy train system in October 1961.[1][2] The system is usually known as "Plarail system" in Japan and "Tomica World" outside of Japan. The trains run on a special plastic usually blue "track", and the roadway vehicles run on a special gray "road". 

In March 1992 a product line featuring "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" was introduced.[1] under the name Thomas Tomica Road & Rail. As such the toy line is compatible with other Tomy Tomica Road & Rail sets or the "Tomica World" system in general. A large number of models have been released in the range, including the majority of major and minor characters from the TV Series. In 2007, HIT Entertainment's subsidiary HIT Toys picked up the license to produce the Tomy range formerly known as Thomas Tomica Road & Rail. The Trackmaster engines are compatible with Tomy's Motor Rail and Road merchandise. Trackmaster's life-like brown coloured track is easily connected to existing blue track from TOMY[3] (two adapters are included in every playset).
Plarail is not compatible with most other brands of model railway. It does though have a similar rail gauge to the wooden toy train systems so that rolling stock may run on both systems to some degree. "Choo Choo Track & Toy Co." for example offers track adapters to connect thewooden tracks with similar gauge such as the blue plastic tracks from Tomy with the dove tail connectors and the tan tracks from Trackmaster.[4]
Paramodel[5] is a group of Japanese artists[6] that utilize Plarail tracks among other things for their works of art and installations.[7]
Software related to Plarail has been released for several Playstation platforms, such as "Kids Station: Plarail Tetsudō Monoshiri Hyakka", published by Atlus Co. in 2002 for Playstation 1[8] and "Plarail: Yume ga Ippai!" released in 2002 by Tomy for PlayStation 2.[9] An early program called "Digital Plarail" seems to have been released in 1995 for PC. A DVD called "Plarail Waiwai DVD Vol.1 [Limited Edition]" has been released on the 18th March 2009.
Takara Tomy release new model of PlaRail every month. And PlaRail World can be easy connected with Tomica Town. So, you can get a town with rail way. Fantastic.
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